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Woman weaving Dhofar DUBAI  rounding up the camel herd  UAE1364 Pakistan Hunza Baltit Fort male
MOROCCO jewellery with Hand of Fatima Marrakesh MC15811 OMAN fisherman in Taqa, Dhofar Province OM11710 OMAN frankincense burner, Dhofar OM117E16
INDIA  planting rice, Tamil Nadu  IDA124C5 ETH11118 Dergue Menghistu Teferi Bentre 1975 Bali trapping fish INO-118-01
YEMEN  view of Sana`a, old town YM1145 ETHIOPIA THE TIMES  29 September 1975 Christine Osborne

Born Sydney. Biology teacher 1958. Graduate nurse RNSH 1963. Hostess Club Mediterranee Sicily and Tahiti 1966-67. Writer & photographer specialising in travel and lifestyles in eastern countries. Member British Guild of Travel Writers since 1975. French speaking.

1965-71 Travel writing Australian media. PATA Awards 1970-71
articles on Hong Kong, Thailand, Singapore, Bali & Grand Award Burma
1972-1974 Freelance London, photography - The Times Middle East Supplements, 8 Days
1975-81  Writing and photography Middle East/Arab Gulf States
1980  Editor, writer and photographer - Sudan Airways magazine
Member UK press corps Royal Tour of Arabia 1979
1982-89  Articles, S.E. Asia, Sub-Continent, Middle East
1990-2005 Freelance writing and photography Africa and GCC States
Founded stock image library Middle East Pictures
Founded www.worldreligions.co.uk
Founded www.copix.co.uk
Books The Gulf States and Oman (Croom Helm) 1978
An Insight and Guide to Jordan (Longman) 1980
An Insight and Guide to Pakistan (Longman) 1981
Cooking the Middle Eastern Way (Prion ) 1984-99
People at Work in the Middle East (Batsford) 1984
South East Asian Food (Wayland) 1988.
Middle Eastern Food (Wayland) 1988
Australian and New Zealand Food (Wayland) 1989
The Netherlands (Wayland) 1989
Essential Thailand (AA) 1990
Essential Bali/Jakarta (AA) 1990
Essential Seychelles (AA) 1992
Essential Malaysia (AA) 1992
Independent Travellers Guide Morocco (Collins) 1990
Morocco by Moorland, 1994.
Cairo/Luxor City Guide (Photography) Collins 1991
Photography Chronicle of Progress UAE (Trident Press)1996
Writer & photographer GCC Year-Book (ISC) 1997/2005
Guide to the Arab Gulf States (JPM/Switzerland) 1998
Contributor Insight Guide UAE & Oman 1998-02
Photography Microsoft Encarta
500+ illustrated articles published in 30 countries


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