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OUTSTANDING book, I simply could not put it down!
I love history and also geography etc. When I read this outstanding book, I found so much more. In fact, from the very beginning I felt that Christine and I were sharing journeys together… I could go on and on about how much I loved reading this book…
Daisy S, Top 10 Amazon Reviewer

Christine Osborne has a way with words to take you with her in the 1960s across North Africa, innocently wearing her little sundress to the fascinating market places in many towns and cities of the Middle East, some of which she has re-visited more recently. And what changes have taken place in those years. The author writes of a time when tourism had yet to become the huge industry of today. The letters home to her mother have a special poignancy.
Irene Reynolds, Google Books Review

If you didn’t understand the Middle East, you will after you read this. The author is amazing, a true polymath. Fast paced, written beautifully, with all the color and movement of the times. I would love to meet this this woman over a gin and tonic, a drink which features charmingly throughout the book…
Shaunagh Sullivan, Amazon Customer Review

Incredible travel stories… What a life!
Kristy Washington, Goodreads

‘Travels With My Hat’ took me away and I was sorry when the trip ended!

John Eltin, Amazon Customer Review

Fascinating insight into places I’m unlikely to visit myself (too dangerous!!)
Debbie Young, Amazon Customer Review

Armchair travel at its best
Clare Pedrick, Amazon Customer Review

This book captivated from the start and kept me engaged and interested through to the final page…
and left me wanting to hear more of Christine Osborne’s travels. Her writing style is hugely entertaining, engaging, informative and detailed, without being dull and staid. Osborne engages the layman in cultures unfamiliar in a way that doesn’t patronise, but rather draws you in to the point that you feel like you’re there with her. This book is a must read for any travel writing fan. Highly recommended.
Stuart Cox, Amazon Customer Review

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