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Born Sydney. Biology teacher 1958. Graduate nurse RNSH 1963. Hostess Club Mediterranee Sicily and Tahiti 1966-67. Writer & photographer specialising in travel and lifestyles in eastern countries. Member British Guild of Travel Writers since 1975. French speaking.

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1965-71 Travel writing Australian media. PATA Awards 1970-71 articles on Hong Kong, Thailand, Singapore, Bali & Grand Award Burma
1972-74 Freelance London, photography – The Times M.East Supplements
1975-81 Freelance writing and photography Middle East/Arab Gulf States
Member UK press corps, Royal Visit to the Arabian peninsula
1980 Editor, writer and photographer – Sudan Airways magazine
1982-89 Writing and photography, S.E.Asia, Sub-Continent, Middle East
1990-2005 Writing and photography, Africa and Arab States of the Gulf
Founded stock image library Middle East Pictures
Founded World Religions Photo Library
Founded COPIX travel & lifestyle photo library

THE GULF STATES AND OMAN Christine OsbornePAKISTAN Christine OsborneMOROCCO Christine Osborne


  • The Gulf States and Oman (Croom Helm), 1978
  • An Insight and Guide to Jordan (Longman), 1980
  • An Insight and Guide to Pakistan (Longman) 1981
  • Cooking the Middle Eastern Way (Prion) 1984-99
  • People at Work in the Middle East (Batsford) 1984
  • South East Asian Food & Drink (Wayland) 1988
  • Middle Eastern Food & Drink (Wayland) 1988
  • Australian and New Zealand Food & Drink (Wayland) 1989
  • The Netherlands (Wayland) 1989
  • Essential Thailand (AA) & Essential Bali (AA) 1990
  • Essential Seychelles (AA) & Essential Malaysia (AA) 1992
  • Independent Travellers Guide to Morocco (Collins) 1990
  • Morocco (Moorland) 1994
  • Cairo/Luxor City Guide, Photography (Collins) 1991
  • Photography Chronicle of Progress UAE 25 years (Trident Press) 1996
  • Contributing writer & photographer GCC Year-Book (ISC) 1997/2005
  • Visitors Guide Arab States of the Gulf States (JPM/Switzerland) 1998
  • Co-author & photographer, Insight Guide UAE & Oman (APA) 1998-2002
  • Photography Microsoft Encarta 1997-2010
  • Travels with My Hat: A lifetime on the road (Christine Osborne Pictures) 2013
  • Among Believers: A pictorial journey (World Religions Photo Library) 2016
  • The Gulf States and Oman, Routledge Library Editions: History of the Middle East Vol. 6 (Routledge London & New York) 2017
  • Old Gulf Coast Days: Qatar 2018
  • Old Gulf Coast Days: United Arab Emirates 2018
  • Old Gulf Coast Days: Sultanate of Oman 2018
  • Wajid & the Perfect Pearl: Tales from Old Araby 2023


More than 500 illustrated articles published in 30 countries

Bags of trochus shells, Suakin Island, Sudan
Bags of trochus shells, Suakin Island, Sudan

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