So farewell then Floyd. How we loved your shambolic cookery series. Never without a glass in hand. “Food is life, life is food` you are quoted as saying.

A true bon vivant, Floyd died of a heart attack in Dorset after a final grande bouffe of oysters and partridge washed down with champagne and fine wine.

His death has prompted a flood of `Final Meal` menus from today`s celebrity chefs none of whom can stand in his shadow for entertainment.

Surprisingly many chose simple, evidently memorable childhood meals.
Cookery queen Nigella Lawson and Angela Hartnett, a Michelin star rated talent on the UK restaurant scene, both selected roast chicken. Upping the ante, Michel Roux of the famous French culinary family, chose roast boar.

Starters included beluga caviar (which I ate for breakfast, dinner and tea while researching sturgeon fishing in the Caspian Sea!) and langoustine, a cross between a mini-lobster and a king prawn from the Atlantic, choice of Theo Randall, head chef at the London ICH.

Agree! How could I forget a lunch of Langoustines Royales with a crisp green salad accompanied by a fine Gris de Boulaoune, one sunny day in Casablanca.

Vichyssoise and smoked eel from Enkhuizen in Holland, would also rate a place on my final meal menu along with Thai soft shelled crab and lamb`s brains au beurre noir. But as I couldn`t possibly eat all in one last sitting, I have compressed my favourite foods into a three course menu:

Dozen Dublin Bay oysters
Roast beef & Yorkshire pudding with baked potatoes, pumpkin, fine string beans and Egyptian baby marrow

Buffalo-milk ice-cream with marron glace and blob of Cornish cream
What would be your last menu? Do let us know!
c.Christine Osborne: former critic – Grand Restaurants of the World (Signature Magazine) Image: Atlantic seafood platter Morocco Source: www.copix.co.uk

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3 Responses to DIE EATING WELL

  1. Mimi Forsyth says:

    One item of a "last" meal would have to include fresh figs, preferably warm & in the sun, perhaps while I am sitting in the tree while eating them.

  2. Jenny says:

    It would probably include some of the foods that I don't generally eat for health reasons – meringues with strawberries and cream, for instance.

  3. C.B.O says:

    My last meal is so rich, I might drop dead before it was finished.

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