Best holiday news this week comes from Crete where a 26 year old Greek woman has set fire to a man`s apparatus, putting him in hospital.
The drunken Briton is alleged to have exposed himself in a bar in the popular resort of Malia. Waving his penis at the woman, he tried to force her to fondle it prompting her to pour a glass of Sambucca (reputed for its high alcohol content) over it and set it alight.
Oh, well done! Serves him right. Women have been used and humiliated since the dawn of creation so lets hope this incident teaches all such jerks a lesson.
Mind you, I don`t think Malia does itself any favours in granting liquor licenses to 63 bars and more than 18 nightclubs.
But it is totally unacceptable when residents are unable to leave their homes on a warm evening for fear of lager louts, and the danger of being run over by quad bikes.
Yobbish behaviour not only spoils the picture of Crete as a whole. It soils the reputation of the thousands of decent British holidaymakers enjoying trouble free summer breaks in other Mediterranean resorts.
Local anger has finally prompted island police to crack down on nocturnal goings-on in the former fishing village. Hopefully a sensible judge, on hearing the evidence, will not penalise this young Greek woman who did what others may only dream of doing.
c.Christine OsborneImage: Ethnic carving from Sierre LeoneSource: www.copix.co.uk

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