What is happening to English spelling? Can anyone tell me, is it going the same way in Italy or France?
It`s not only the dumbed down version of words to fit into sites like Twitter, but examples of bad spelling are everywhere you go.
Recent efforts I`ve noticed in South London (an area not noted for high literacy standards) are JESIS SAVES on the wall of a church and FUK on a viaduct. And they were not referring to French Connection UK: they just couldn`t spell!
How many people cannot differentiate between lose and loose?
And the number of people applauding something, written as `Here! Here!` is mind boggling.
A generation is growing up with no knowledge of correct spelling at all.
It`s already evident in Hawaii, judging by this grab from the TV news.
Can U C wot I meen?
c.Christine Osborne

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Australian photojournalist and author. Used London as a base for nearly forty years while freelancing in the Middle East, Arabian peninsular, Africa and South Asia. Have written and illustrated more than a dozen books and travel guides. Operates a well regarded religious images stock photo library: Live in Leura in the Blue Mountains outside Sydney.
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6 Responses to MANGLED WORDS

  1. Mimi Forsyth says:

    Illiteracy proliferates, as does apathy. As one wit said, "Ignorance and apathy are two big problems but I don't know and I don't care!"

  2. cobweb says:

    As one who has struggled with spelling since I first learned to write, one might think this proliferation of meaningless letters and words would make life easier but No! Personally I find it all more confusing than ever and now the cacophony of sounds is harder than ever to decipher as personally sounding out words has never helped unravel the mystery of spelling, therefore my natural love of words still struggles and my memory remains my only defence against total confusion as one ages words go so one clings to what is left of the English Language with grim determination.cobweb

  3. Anonymous says:

    Can we xcuse the writer of the banner as english is not the first language? Those of us who use contracted spelling for txt msgs may be to blame? There are spllng comps on TV that use vry complicated wrds. Jules

  4. Anonymous says:

    English is the first language in the US state of Hawaii!

  5. Mimi Forsyth says:

    English IS the first language of Hawai'i, alas.

  6. Anonymous says:

    Sadly far too many students use text language in their exam papers and expect examiners to be able to work out the meaning – fortunately we do not have to credit such poor language.

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